Blue Flag Beaches and Marinas 2024

20/05/24 Blue Flag Beaches and Marinas for 2024 Announced

Full Press Release available here 

The Award Season

The Blue Flag season for beaches in Ireland coincides with the bathing season which runs from June 1st to September 15th. Blue Flag sites are only awarded for one season at a time.  The marina season extends until December. These Blue Flag sites have been awarded due to their adherence to a strict number of criteria covering:

  • Environmental Information and Education
  • Water quality
  • Safety and Services
  • Environmental Management

During the season inspectors will assess each Blue Flag beach and marina to ensure compliance with the criteria. In Ireland, we are particularly fortunate to have a varied and beautiful coastline with many pristine beaches that are open to the public to enjoy. To ensure their standard we continue to make strident efforts to protect and improve our waters. This will ensure that we, and future generations, can continue to enjoy this wonderful resource.


Withdrawal of the Blue Flag Award

Where an awarded beach or marina does not comply with the award criteria, the flag may be permanently or temporarily withdrawn. In such instances information about the reason for a withdrawal of the award flag must be posted clearly at the beach or marina. Where the non-compliance(s) can be resolved in a short period of time the local authority/marina operator must inform the National Operator of re-compliance with the criteria and present the appropriate documentation to demonstrate this. At this point the flag can then be raised at the awarded beach or marina again. Where re-compliance cannot be achieved in a reasonable period of time the award flag may be withdrawn for the remainder of the award season.


May 31st 2024

The Blue Flag award has been withdrawn from Rathmullan Marina for the duration of the 2024 season. Extensive refurbishment works are taking place at Rathmullan pier, works are anticipated to take place until late November 2024. For safety reasons, mariners are advised to avoid attempting to berth at Rathmullan pier, or pontoon, as the ladders and stairway are to be removed and replaced, as well as the pontoon itself for the duration of the works.

11th June 2024

The Blue Flag has been temporarily withdrawn at Donabate, Balcarrick beach whilst maintenance works are carried out to the sanitary facilities at the beach.

14th June 2024

Due to staff level constraints, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council will not be able to provide a lifeguard service at Killiney beach until Thursday 20th of June. A further recruitment campaign is currently underway to increase numbers for July and for the rest of the bathing season. The Blue Flag has been withdrawn by DLR Co. Co. and will remain down whilst lifeguard cover is unavailable at the beach.